Naming Names

Just a quick note today.  As I’m learning about blogging, I was thinking that it is going to get really tiresome calling my son, “My Son” all the time.   So I’m going to give him a name – Blake.  Yes, I think that will work.  And I’m going to give myself a name today, too.  I’ll be Angie.  It hails back to a time when a friend and I wanted to send each other messages without people knowing who we were.  So…Blake and Angie it is!


2 thoughts on “Naming Names

  1. Dear Angie, I read all of your blog posts just now and have tears in my eyes and Goosebumps on my arms. Writing about your story is incredibly moving, and you have found a way to convey the heartache that goes along with having a child with OCD, and the ability of this disease to impact each family member uniquely. You have beautifully highlighted the struggle of actively helping to beat OCD by restraining yourself from giving immediate input. What a conundrum! Your accounts are inspiring. I look forward to reading future blogs- and to reading about Blake’s eventual triumph over this devastating disease.

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