Blake Reads The Blog

BlogUntil last night, Blake had shown little to no interest in this blog.  In fact, any time I’ve ever written anything, he has told me it is too painful for him to read what I write.  Too many memories.  Too much stuff he doesn’t want to think about.  And then, last night Big Brother encouraged me to participate in NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month.  In case you aren’t familiar with it, it is a challenge to post once every day for the month of November.

“You should do it, Mom,” he told me as we read through the instructions.

So, I wrote my first post, determined to rise to the challenge of writing something – anything – each day this month.  As I was putting the finishing touches on the entry, Blake wandered in.

“Hey, that’s the pizza cutter!” he noticed, seeing the photo on my computer screen (see “Overreact?  What?  Me?”).  “Did you write about what happened this morning?”

“I did.”

“Okay, I’ve got to read this.”

He began to read.  He read through the entire post – and then he read beyond.  Every so often as he moved through the posts, a little exclamation escaped his lips.

“I sound soooo….. OCD!”

“You even posted that?”

“I sound like a greedy little angry child.”

“It sounds like I am so rigid”

“You are!” Big Brother chimed in.

Other than these comments, Blake had little to say besides letting me know that the names I used for people and rollercoasters (“I’ve Hit A Wall“) are silly.  And then he was finished.  No discussion. No protest.  Nothing about how painful it was to read all that.  He was simply done. He was ready to focus on his evening.

I’ll take that as a sign of growth.


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