Quiet Afternoon

A Peaceful Afternoon
A Peaceful Afternoon

All is relatively quiet in our home today. And for that I am grateful.  Blake got out of school early.  He and I have been hanging out around the house all afternoon, while his brother is off having a long lunch with a young lady he’s been wanting to spend time with.  It’s been easy here this afternoon, and that is nice. We are looking forward to a weekend of family time and reconnecting.

Blake is in the garage as I am writing.  He recently started learning to shoot a bow and arrow and my husband made him a makeshift target out there.  I think he looks pretty adorable in his safety glasses.  He is in a pretty good mood today, which is nice because he’s been down all week.  I think he’s probably glad he has a three day weekend ahead of him.

Blake announced to me this afternoon that he thinks he wants to join the Boy Scouts.  This is a welcome thing to hear because there has been very little that he has shown interest in over the last several years.  He longs to have something special that he does, but he never seems to quite identify anything.  The world of Boy Scouts is foreign to me, so I’m going to have some learning to do.

My head feels rather unfocused, which isn’t such a bad thing, but I’m having a difficult time conjuring up much more to write about today.  I sip my iced tea, take a deep breath, and contemplate having the patience and wisdom to be the best mom I can be this weekend.  Signing out for now!  🙂


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