The Bathroom Reader

IMG_1935[1]Blake has been enamored lately with a book called “Uncle John’s Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader,” by the Bathroom Readers Institute.  According to the description on Amazon, “This behemoth of a book is overflowing with the incredible stories, surprising facts, weird news, little-known origins, forgotten history, fun wordplay, and everything else that millions of loyal fans have come to expect from world’s best-selling bathroom reading series.”  I don’t know if Blake actually reads it in the bathroom (probably not), but he loves the stories in it and he delights in telling us tidbits and reading us passages he finds particularly interesting.

Recently, he wandered into the kitchen to tell me about an attraction he had learned about from the book.  It’s a thrill ride/experience at the Zero Gravity Thrill Park in Houston, Texas.  The ride, Nothing But Net, apparently simulates falling off a cliff.  They take you to the top of a 16 story structure and send you falling – backward – into a net 130 feet below.

After filling me in on the details, he tells me, “I’m terrified of that, but I totally want to do it, too.”

Okay, this is the kid who we couldn’t get to go on the “Winnie the Pooh” ride at Disneyland or the kiddie coaster at any amusement park.  Granted, he did work his way out of that, but, really, now he wants to fall 130 feet backward?

Blake goes on to read to me, “Dr. David Eagleman, a professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, used the attraction in a study on how the brain perceives time during moments of panic and terror.”

Panic and terror – these are things that a person with OCD generally seeks to avoid with their rituals.  My boy, however, is considering throwing himself right into those.  While it’s not something I particularly would like to do, I hope he has the opportunity to do it sometime.  In fact, I wish for him to find lots of ways to challenge his fears.  Every one moves him closer and closer to freedom from OCD.

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  1. It’s funny, I often have the same thoughts as you. My son Dan, who couldn’t open a kitchen cabinet because of some inexplicable danger, has no trouble going on any roller coaster ever made, skiing black diamonds, and now, rock climbing. I have no doubt he would love the “ride” you describe. Just confirms one thing…….OCD makes no sense!

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