Blake’s Maniacal Takeover of the Blog

Today’s post is Blake’s take on what would make my blog more interesting (he even gave the post it’s title).  He saw me checking my Stats and was impressed to see that people are actually following what I write.  He was even more thoroughly impressed that I don’t actually know most of the people who follow this blog.  Then he looked through the WordPress Reader with me and was curious about what makes one blog more popular than others.  He came up with this formula:

“Mom, you’ve got to post adorable pictures of cats and dogs and cute little animals.  That’s what people like.”

I guess it’s not enough in his mind that I share our OCD story.  He grabbed my phone and set off through the house.  From the family room, I could hear him calling, “Meow Meow!  Come do something adorable!”

Minutes later, he was back.

“I took so many pictures of the cat!” he exclaimed.  “People will love this!”

Here is a bit of his handiwork, accompanied by original captions by Blake:

"Who, me?"
“Who, me?”
A cat and his sock.
A cat and his sock.


Look how adorable that is!
Look how adorable that is!

Yes, the tree frog got a cameo too.

Tomorrow, I hope to regain control, but for tonight, I enjoyed relinquishing it!


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