The Phone Rings

IMG_1971[1]My brother-in-law called me last night as I was on the way out the door.  I hesitated to answer.  It’s not that I don’t have a great relationship with him.  I actually adore him.  It’s that Blake constantly calls him for religious advice and I was worried what was going on now.

Let me explain a bit.  My husband’s brother is much more learned in all things religious than anyone else in our family.  He’s the guy to go to if you have a question, and he can make the issue clear as crystal.  Blake knows this and every time a religious issue comes up (translation:  every time OCD scares him about something religious) he is on the telephone to Uncle H.

Thank goodness Uncle H has gotten savvy to OCD.  He completely “gets it” that many of Blake’s questions are more about his OCD than about any real religious issue.  So, when something smells more like OCD than genuine religion, he checks with me first.

The calls usually go something like this:

“Hi.  Blake just called me about such and such. I know what the answer is, but what do you want me to tell him?

Then we usually put our heads together about the best way to handle the situation without exacerbating the OCD.  We’re not misleading or dishonest; we just make sure we are careful not to feed more rituals.  So when the phone rang last night, I wondered, “What now?”

“Hi! Quickly.  Which supermarket should we put the liqueur at in your community? I’m filling out the paperwork right now.”

Oh – it’s THAT.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have handcrafted a new liqueur that is making its way into markets and specialty stores all over the place.  It’s finally making it out to my community and I get to pick which supermarket.  Now that is a welcome change of pace!!  We can put off talking about OCD until another day.


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