I’ve Got To Meet That Kid!

Image courtesy Keerati at freedigitalphotos.net
Image courtesy Keerati at freedigitalphotos.net

Goodness, what an emotional week this has been.  Plenty of ups and downs.  As I’m writing this, I am feeling pretty exhausted.  I had the honor of doing a very early in-home visit with one of my young patients this morning.  This was on the tail of three nights with very little sleep.  It’s not that I haven’t been in bed at a reasonable hour; I’ve just had a sense that I’ve been awake far more than I’ve been asleep.  At any rate, I was out the door very early, as I had to be at the home in time for my patient’s wake up and morning routine.  I have a very interesting job – working with anxiety.  It frequently takes me out of the office and into lots of different settings.

Earlier this week, as we sat at the dinner table, I mentioned to my husband that I’d be leaving extra early one day this week to do a home visit.  Blake and Michael were deep in their own conversation, or so it seemed, until Blake perked up.

“Home visit?  Is it one of your patients?”

“Yes.  I’m working with someone whose anxiety is very rough on them in the morning.  By going to observe, I can get a better idea of how to help.”

“Ohhhh!” he exclaimed.  “I need to meet this kid.  I want to talk to them.”

He wanted to help and the desire was bubbling up inside of him.  Actually, I’d never seen him wanting to reach out to other kids like this.

“I think you’d be terrific talking with other kids with anxiety, Blake.  If you’d like, we can find a way you can do that.”

“But, Mom, I need to talk to this one!”  He felt pretty certain of this.

We talked for a bit about why it’s not possible for him to meet my patients – confidentiality, boundaries and the like.  I offered several options for him to connect with other kids with OCD and anxiety.  He seemed to mull them over, but it’s anyone’s guess when, or if, he will act.

In the meantime, I continued to grapple with my professional role this week.  In the past months, I’d applied for a leadership opportunity with a respected national organization and I’d also written a proposal to make a presentation at a national conference on anxiety.  This week, answers came to both of those.  On the leadership opportunity – I wasn’t accepted.  I felt pretty sad.  For the presentation – I was informed that there had been an unprecendented number of proposals…and mine was accepted!  So, Angie will be traveling and doing her first ever solo presentation to a national organization.  I’m really looking forward to it – and a little anxious, too!

Best regards for a meaningful week!  – Angie