Blake Uses the Microwave!

Yes, you read it right!  He did! He did!  (Mom does a Happy Dance 🙂 )

For some time now, Blake has avoided the microwave oven or any other cooking appliance in our home (see The Microwave is Contaminated).

Image courtesy stockimages @
Image courtesy stockimages @

This week, however, he made another small move.  One evening, his desire for hot food won out over his concern about what might have been cooked in our microwave previously.  So, quietly, and without circumstance, he took a couple frozen breakfast patties and popped them into that little appliance and melted away the ice.It would have gone completely unnoticed and unrecognized except that I am an absolute nut and I notice these things in my children.  I kept quiet in Blake’s presence, but I was so excited that I told my hubby.  Of course, he went and told Blake that he was very proud of him.  Blake looked at him with a bit of confusion, not understanding what the fuss was over.  And then he went and used it again!

It is few and far between that he uses it still, but I will definitely take that.  Score another one in Blake’s favor.  Too bad, OCD!

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