The OCD Conference is Coming!

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Whew!  We are finally home!  What a vacation it was, traveling all over the place on a bus full of people we mostly had never met before in our lives, eating different foods, observing completely different customs.  And our family managed to get along for almost the entire trip.  Yes, we did have our moments.  We got through them quite well, however.  Now if we could just manage the jet lag.  I actually have two teenage boys who are both waking up by 7 am.  That NEVER happens on a free summer day!

Now it’s time to hit the ground running.  I head back to my practice this week.  It’s also time to get ready for the annual OCD Conference!  Do you know about it?  Each year, the International OCD Foundation holds a conference that is unlike any other I’ve ever been to.  This year it is in Los Angeles from July 18-20.  It is a truly special experience because it is a conference that brings together people with OCD, their family and friends, researchers in the field, and clinicians who treat OCD.  What is truly wonderful about this is that all these folks intermingle and some amazing dialog occurs.

I went to my first OCD Conference several years ago at the urging of one of Blake’s therapists.  I went somewhat reluctantly, saying that I was going because I could earn continuing education units for my psychology license.  I lived OCD at home.  Why would I want to get more immersed in it?  Saying I was only going as a professional allowed me to get some distance from how emotional it was.

What I found though, is what so many others find when they attend for the first time.  I found an incredible atmosphere of support. I found a community of caring clinicians, people who were struggling, people who had triumphed, and other parents and family members who understood what I was going through as a mom.  Needless to say, my attendance at that first conference became about far more than earning continuing education credits.  It became my entry into the world of educating others about OCD.

If there is OCD in your life, whether you have OCD, are the parent, friend or family member of someone with OCD, or are a clinician who treats OCD (or would like to), this is one conference that is definitely worth looking into (HERE is the link).  Too late to arrange to go this year?  Consider attending next year; it’s not too early to begin thinking about that.

Okay, I’m feeling the jet lag exhaustion setting in. It’s off to sleep for me. Good night for now!

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  1. Angie, I feel the same way as you do about the conference and feel so badly I’m not able to attend this year. Next year for sure! I hope you’ll report back to us!

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