Waiting for the Storm

I woke up this morning still trying to absorb my realization from this past week’s therapy session that Blake’s recovery will likely take longer than I originally had hoped. Blake continues to see treatment as something he is being “forced” to do, and he just has not recognized that our therapist is there to help him take the steps he will need to take to be ready for college in a year. So, in my mind, I’ve been working to readjust my expectations, and to hunker down for the potential long hall.

Creek below Michael’s university housing. I took this a month ago when I dropped him off at school.

Meanwhile, just as I woke up, I received the news that our oldest, Michael, will be doing some hunkering down of his own. His university reported that it will close on Monday due to severe weather. Students are preparing to “shelter in place” should the need arrive. Michael, a Resident Advisor (RA), took his residents to shop for supplies today, as he experienced his first ever tropical storm warning due to Hurricane Irma. As their wireless internet is already beginning to fail, he and his fellow classmates are anticipating losing their power, as many already have in this hurricane.

In a phone call this evening, I told my boy how proud I am of him and how much I love him. The hubby gave fatherly advice that included staying away from the creek that runs just below their living quarters. Now all we can do is wait.

Wishing my best to all who are affected by this hurricane, whether it be because you are directly experiencing its effects, or because you love someone who is.

– Angie

** Update on this post here.

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    Hi! I’m a longtime lurker on this blog, but I’ve never commented until now. Did Michael fare alright when Irma hit? I hope everything’s ok. Also, as a non-parent family member of someone with OCD, this blog has been amazingly helpful. Thank you!

    1. Hi there! So glad you commented. Thank you so much for asking about Michael. I was thinking the other day that I kind of left people hanging. Yes. Things turned out okay. The students all stayed indoors. Despite a lot of wind and rain, they never lost electricity. And, apparently, they did a whole lot of baking. Also, so glad you’ve found the blog helpful. It encourages me to keep writing! Best – Angie

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