Just a Little Rant

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I’m passionate about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder as a cause. I feel strongly about getting the word out and supporting this community – those who suffer with OCD and those of us who love someone who has it. I care about it so much that sometimes I take those clueless OCD humorous remarks personally.

Recently, I began a free support group in my community for adults with OCD. Running it is one of the highlights of my week.  Watching the close community that is rapidly developing in that room warms my heart. So, of course, I want to promote the group so that others can participate and benefit, and I made a flyer. Then I excitedly sent the flyer to every therapist and psychiatrist I could think of.


I put the wrong phone number on the flyer. Somewhat embarrassed, I asked everyone to delete the flyer and I sent out a new one.  And I apologized for my error and for the multiple emails. Then I received this:

No prob. At least we know you are not OCD! If you were, you would have read it 5 times before sending!

This comment came from a therapist with many years of experience. I immediately felt the heat rise in me. I wanted to write back and school the therapist about the ignorance of that comment. I thought of snappy comebacks. I wanted to write, “Or maybe I am OCD, but my compulsions are something different from checking…” And then there’s just the phrase “you are not OCD.” Seriously, a person is NOT OCD. They might have OCD. I want to tell the therapist that, too.

But I Haven’t Said Anything

I haven’t said anything (except to you) because, well, I’m just a little too pissed right now. And I actually would like this therapist to send adults with OCD to the group.  I don’t want to alienate people from the cause; I want to educate. So thank you for letting me rant just a bit. For now, I’m going to sit on my response…at least until my blood stops boiling.

6 thoughts on “Just a Little Rant

  1. Nena

    If I had a dollar for every time I heard “I’m so OCD”. That makes my blood boil too!! Recently I saw it on Twitter as Khloe Kardashian has a line called “KhlOe C D!!
    It’s all about being tiddy and “perfect “. I was enraged! I sent a tweet.. after I collected myself. I tweeted “ My child has OCD and it’s not tiddy and cute. It has been debilitating and devastating!! Stop it!!!”
    Crap like this is so infuriating for us family members and people suffering from this illness. So I hear your blood boiling and it’s ok. 🤗 Hugs!!

  2. Sarah Haider

    Hi Angie, First, how wonderful that you’re running a support group. That’s awesome! And, I am glad that through your ranting you’ve opened a dialogue. I’ve recently read a few mainstream magazine articles written by people who suffer with OCD who talk about how alienating these comments make them feel. Good things come from anger- like educating the public. Keep up the work.

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