I’m Still Here

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Just a quick post to let my readers know that I’m still here. Life has been a bit busy with Michael returning home from college for the summer and Blake wrapping up his class for the semester. Friends’ kids are graduating from high school and college. My practice has been busy with more adults and children with OCD than I can humanly work with (I suppose that it’s a good thing that my practice is busy, but I always feel sad when I have to say, “No.”).

I’m working on my next post. In the meantime, if you’re looking for me, you might find me helping prepare one 18-year-old to go off to school in the fall, or helping a hubby prepare for a trip, or teaching a 21-year-old how to meal plan so he doesn’t eat out every day again in the next school year. Of course, you might also find me in a public restroom, coaxing a patient to touch a door handle; or crawling around in the outdoor planter with a child at work; or I might be in a home encouraging a frightened young patient to eat a challenge food or prompting an adult to put her things away “just wrong.”

No matter what I’m doing, it won’t be boring. Have a good week!

4 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. You sound busy and productive with all good things, my favorite being “helping prepare one 18-year-old to go off to school in the fall.” So happy to hear!

  2. Cindy Horrigan

    I loved getting a glimpse into all the work you do to help people navigate life a little or a lot better. You are a tool giving, coming alongside hope giver! Nice work. 😊👌💕

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