Should I Tell Others About My OCD?

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Blake has been an open book about his OCD ever since he was diagnosed. Maybe it is because he had just turned seven and it did not occur to him to feel embarrassed. Maybe it was a relief that there was an easy way to explain to others why he kept running to the bathroom, why his belongings were soaking wet, or why he kept bending down to tap his shoes repeatedly. As he got a little older, he easily volunteered to tell others about his OCD. He reasoned that he wanted others to understand OCD and to let other kids know that there is help if you are suffering.

What he never did was think through the pros and cons of sharing. In my own practice, I’ve noticed many OCD sufferers are hugely embarrassed to share that they have OCD. That’s it. Case closed. Little to no consideration about the pros and cons.

Lately I’ve been thinking, maybe there is a better way to go about deciding whether or not to tell. I think sorting through pros and cons is one way to make the decision. While the pros and cons are probably unique to each individual, I’m curious about what your (or your loved ones) pros and cons are.

Please share your thoughts below. What do you think some pros are to sharing that you have OCD? What might be some cons to telling others? Thank you for your thoughts.

  • Angie