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A goal of this blog is to educate and provide resources.  Toward that, I am including resources that I have found helpful.  I hope they will be to you, as well. Click on the name of the organization to go to the website:

Anxiety and Depression Association of America:  A national non-profit organization whose mission is ” to  promote the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety, depression, and  stress-related disorders through education, practice, and  research.” Free self-help for different anxiety disorders and OCD online.

Child Mind Institute:  An organization dedicated to children’s mental health care.

International OCD Foundation:  Not for profit organization made up of people with OCD, family, friends, professionals and others.  Provides education, supports research, improves access to resources and advocates for the OCD community.

Peace of Mind Foundation: A “non-profit organization whose mission is to help improve the quality of life of OCD sufferers and caregivers through education, research, support, and advocacy.”  Site run by the Children’s Center for OCD and Anxiety to address the needs of children who must cope with anxiety, stress and worry in their lives.

5 thoughts on “Links and Resources

  1. OCDmom

    Another great resource is Dr. Russ (Charlotte, NC). In addition to being a great doctor to treat OCD (Scrupulosity was my dd’s type), he has great resources for anxiety. [We went from being almost incapacitated with normal daily activities to fully being able to manage OCD. We still have ‘flare ups’ when the high stress life hits, but at least she no longer ceases to function.] Cannot say enough about how he has helped us regain our daughter back! Praying that everyone with an OCD disorder is as lucky to find the help we have! or hi s practice (just hit the ‘staff’ link & scroll down to the founding members to find him

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